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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Worst Nightmare!

Yes folks, even though this morning is a bright sunny beautiful morning, Jamaica's worst nightmare has just been realized! within a few hours Jamaica will begin to feel the first impacts of the Cat 4, or even possible Cat 5 Hurricane Dean. I have not been on the road since this morning, but I can just imagine how bus it must be with the frantic last minute shoppers, buying and preparing fo the horrible tempest ahead.

I have not done much preparation for this hurricane. I think what I have done so far is sufficient. I bought myself some bottled water, tin food, easy to cook non-perishables, and cleaning and sanitizing solutions. I did this from Thursday, yes I know it was early, but I did it to avoid the mad rush the few hours before the hurricane, and also because...

I will be at work! What the hell! Yes I have been forcibly drafted in the hurricane team and will be at work for quiet a long time. During the entire pre-hurricane, hurricane and post-hurricane periods. So I will spend the rest of my day securing the home front, then later it will be off to work. I guess some of us have to make sure vital services like communication remains up during such a critical time. I would rather not be at work and at home to somehow protect my property... or at least feel like I am... somehow!

This hurricane is the strongest to hit Jamaica in such a manner in a long time. I am just hoping that by some miracle Dean decides to dip southwards and spare Jamaica the carnage! I know for a certain that our already limping economy and substandard facilities cannot handle a Cat 4 much more a Cat 5.

You may visit this blog later in the night as I may be able to post a short update on how Dean is affecting the island. I will be busy at work, but I'll try to give a quick updates for as long as the internet connection stay up. To my fellow Bloggers in Jamaica and Cayman, stay safe and those not affected, keep us in your prayers.

9 commented:

>> I know for a certain that our
>> already limping economy and
>> substandard facilities cannot
>> handle a Cat 4 much more a Cat 5.

And you know what? Afterwards, you will be surprised to see how it will. Best of luck in the storm to you, my family in Jmaica and to all Jamaicans.

See you on the other side. (Yes, I do mean of the storm, Stunner! I doh play like dat... ;-) )

Hi Stunner!

This is just to wish you and all in Jamaica, good luck and stay safe.

(My young grandson (11yrs old) is holidaying there in Jamaica, so, we are all worried sick here in the UK (thats putting it mildly) - Love to you Tyrone).

Take care all, and Stunner - you sound a lovely chap, you take care now, hope your flat will be okay too!

Fingers crossed that Dean does as you suggest and do a quick dip and passes you all by.


:-) x

what will you be busy doing at work in a hurricane? besides watching the numbers. Either way there is no safe place south for it to go it has to go north!

Hey Stunner...we are battening down over here, but lt me tell scared spitless. Have prepared as much as we can, but, only so much a body can do. Good luck, stay safe, and ya'll are in my prayers...toodles....

@MB: Well MB, I hope you are right! Stay safe in the face of danger!

@June: I hope your grandson will be safe during the hurricane, and thanks for visiting my blog and dropping a comment. Kepp us in your prayers.

@Owen: You will be surprise the amount of work to be done during and especially after the hurricane! Well north or south, any miss of the eye is good enough. We won't escape the wind and rain but it would be less intense.

@Afroditee: I know you would be, especially after experiencing Ivan, and this hurricane is looking even deadlier. Do all you can to stay safe!

me i lived thru gilbert and not as a toddler ... and if this is naything like gilbert we should be very afraid.... anyway not to scaree any one ...stay safe you all.

Woe is me... lol
Have fun at work dude, hope it doesn't suck.

Thinking of you and all on the island. Please stay safe and let us know what's happening.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comments. Come again anytime.

The best to you and your family. I posted on it as well.