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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Legend Passes

Another great legend of the Jamaica music scene, Alton Ellis, has passed. One of the kings of the Jamaican lover's rock, Ska and Rocksteady, Alton Ellis had the power to sway his audience both young and old to his soothing music. He was one of the crowd favorites and a highlight of the Heineken Startime show. This great Jamaican singer is best known for lovers rock such as Muriel, Dancecrasher, Girl I've Got a Date, I'm Just a Guy and I'm Still in Love. In 2003, dancehall superstar Sean Paul and singer Sasha had a minor hit in the United States with their cover of his song, I'm Still in Love.

Alton Ellis succumbed to his fight with Lymphatic cancer on Friday at the age of 70 in London, where he has been living for some time now. This great Jamaican music icon will be dearly missed.

Here is a live performance I found on YouTube of this great Jamaican artiste.

8 commented:

RIP! Condolences to family and friends.Your classic work will live on Alton.ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

A true Jamaican musical legend!

RIP..I was reading on another forum about him and checked out his music. Turns out I knew some his songs

He was a Cultual Ambassador to the end...I'm told. His music will live on and continue, as you say Stunner, to move both the young and older. We have lost a great son of the soil....what a year.

Classic musician, helped to make Jamaican music into a genre. RIP.

I love lovers rock
thanks 4 the song

I was watching a re broadcast of an interview on cvm. interesting man. hope he got to finish the book.

god bless