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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Child Killers

A nation without a future is what we are about to become if we continue on the path of reckless, uninhibited carnage and genocide against our nation's children. This callous and loveless behavior towards our children, our nation's future by wicked elements in our society is growing with each passing year and is ballooning with no solution in sight. In many of these cases a perpetrator is never found so that justice could be served to give the grieving relatives and friends closure to this horrid act.

A little over two weeks ago 11 year old Ananda Dean was reported missing, which prompted the desperate pleas of her parents and relatives on both our largest local television station. But on Sunday morning every one's worse fear seemed to have become a reality when a decomposing body of a child was found in the Belvedere Hills of St. Andrew, several miles away from where Ananda Dean was last seen. The nude, advanced decomposed body was found in a precipice with uniform and other clothing items scattered nearby. This story is not a strange one to me, as I have heard this story played out several times before in my short life so far. It is so hard to imagine someone doing such a devious and evil act against anyone, much more a poor child. Yet this is something that just seem to happen, rendering the parents and police powerless in the face of such evil.

However the nation would not get a chance to breathe again before another shock, as on the following Monday night news broke of a NINE (9) MONTH OLD child that was molested and slain. Just the though of a infant that young suffering such a horrible act send shivers down my spine, and makes me blaze with anger! Such acts aught not to happen! How could this happen in our society? How could people allow such an act to be carried out under their roof?

These two acts are also just on the heels of another gruesome murder, where another child's dismembered, decomposing body was found in a bag in some bushes. The death tool now stands at 57 children and the year has not ended, thus based on this trend we can brace ourselves for more of these heartless acts. It seems nothing is being done to stop this carnage. Or is it that nothing can be done to stop it?

Parents need to more vigilant where their children are concerned, they need to be protective and to teach their children to by wary of strangers form an early age. But parents can't be with their children all the time and all the preparation an teaching a parent does is not a guarantee that the child will be safe. The police have to play a part, the school has to play a part, the government has to make the necessary legislative changes and enforce through the law, and society has to also look out for our children. It may not stop theses incidents, but maybe it can reduce these frequency of the carnage one our youths.

14 commented:

It happens everywhere. Some people are beyond help. I hope whoever did this is caught.

Without even reading this post im already digusted. The news the last few days have benn heart wrenching. Innocense is taken, so early. Personally i think there should be some psychological evaluation done of these people if and when they are caught; can't just place them in jail. They are troubled. But where this is concerned, who do we blame?

death penalty. no long talking.

I'm with townecrier
the person who took the infant had to have easy access
I understand the mother was incarcerated
what could she do?

I was just about to post about this. Crimes against children are always hard to understand. We usually see this kind of stuff only in the international media. What's happening to our country? Jesus take the wheel!

@Justacoolat: That's true, but what is more alarming is the high increase is such incidents!

@Tami: True Tami, these aren't just 'ordinary' criminals. based on our socialization as humans, these acts against children must have at least some roots of psychological disorder. nonetheless they should pay dearly for such acts!

@townecrier: I agree with you, but only if there is a decent justice system.

@GC: The mother was indeed in prison, but the guardian appointed by the state should be held responsible.

@Gussie: As usual we take up everything that happens in "foreign". We need divine help indeed!

The abominable rise in infanticide and child killings across the country is absolutely revolting and disgusting.Apparently,the incidence of mental illnes is definitely increasing on a daily basis as evidenced in the nature of some of the crimes being committed in our society,suggesting that a considerable number of our people are definitely in need of psychological and psychiatric assistance with respect to treatment and instutionalization.Hopefully, as a society and a people we are able to identify individuals that/who are so predisposed to infanticide and institutionalize them post/haste.ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

I'm saddened by the spate of senseless spate of murders against our children too. I mean, they're innocent kids... murder against children is always repulsive and just incomprehensible.

Pray God that if nothing else comes out of this, society's awareness of the issue will finally prompt us to act decisively, once and for all.

What to do tho?

These things hurt me so much. Stunner, i don't even kno whow parents can protect their children when violence is perpetrated on babies. You know we tell children how to avoid strangers etc, but what do you tell a baby?

I understand that the powers that be will be taking a "zero tolerance approach" to perpetrators in this regard....but as you have said, anuh now dem thing yah a only leaves me to wonder if the crime was not gruesome the years before.

Our people are degenerating by the minute, we need to take hold of ourselves and as you say be more vigilant as a community...the responsibility is not only on the parents.

It's truly a sad day when the vulnerable in our society (children, the aged, too) are no longer safe.

Capital punishment MUST be restored!


I get really touch by your post.
We can everyone lay all responsibility to the parents - that is easy, the hard part is to take the signals from children real serious and listen to them and react. The hidden violence is so huge and I do believe that there is someone around who see what is going on. To that person I have to say DO IT - take responsibility and do every necessary step to save that child.

There is also the case of the boy whose body was cut to pieces and placed in a bag. Thanks for reminding us of the numbers.

A big part of the problem is how to catch the animals that perpetrate these crimes. In the case of Onanda it might be a little harder, but with the nine month old there is no great mystery.

I'm not big on capital punishment, but these kinds of crimes make me go with townecrier:

"death penalty. no long talking"

Castrate the molesters and hang the murderer. An eye for an eye.