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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back a Yaad! And Politics Is Here to Greet Me

Yes mi peeps, I'm back on the rock and back on the slavery... I mean job. The vacation was great and well deserved, but as they say, "all good things must come to an end." Time certainly flies when you're having a good time! Now it's back to work, stress, bad days and having to get out of bed to go to work. But life goes on. I'm now looking forward to my next vacation sometime in the next four months, hopefully. I'm not sure what I'll be doing as yet though.

Well politics is certainly the pick of the day everyday since I came back! Sista P finally decided to blow the trumpet and ever since then the foolishness has certainly increased exponentially! I was hoping I would have been on vacation away from the island during the weeks leading up to and including the elections. I just can't stand the foolishness and senseless acts that takes place in the country during election periods. All kind of attacks, shootings, stoning, beatings and destruction of property. Even yesterday on my way to work I saw a buss, with people adorned in a certain party colour, ran the red light right in front of me. Why can't we have civilized elections like many other countries, including some of our own Caribbean neighbours. But the violence is so entrenched in our political culture I just don't see it changing anytime soon. Maybe it's the lack of education of the masses, the general indiscipline of the people or manipulation, the politicians or a combination of all these factors that make our elections overflow with violence and bloodshed. Anyway, it seems I'm stuck here during the "silly season" well more like "mad season", so I just have to try and stay safe, even though I know I will have to drag my ass to work on election day. I would much rather lock myself in my house and watch the events unfold on my television.

On a more pleasant note, here are a few more shot's I took while was on vacation in the US.

12 commented:

that last pic with the city sky line looks totally unreal!. I want a high res one for my wallpaper

welcome back!!!

!@&^#*&^#@ politics and great pictures!!!!!!

hey really needed those pics after being reminded of all that shite... called politics ...really nice pics... you should check out national gallery they have some really nice ones there on the mezzanine floor check it out...

welcome Canada trip off.Am sick and medicals come first..sigh.Glad you enjoyed your trip

Welcome home....I am totally with you on the politics...tired of it all, thats why i dont even bother with the voting....Looking forward to seeing more of the vacation pics....

Hi Stunner, take heart. If Guyana can have at least one peaceful election like we did this last one, Jamaica can. It's up to the leaders. They have the last word, if they appeal to their people, it can happen.

Try to find a way to not get stressed, find little ways to have mini-vacations right where you are.

the problem is not politics
it is that people demand some expression of brutality and rage--
some sort of bloody extravagance at regular intervals. It is just convenient to use politics as a vehicle for this darker side of human nature.
Ever read the short story The Lottery?

Enjoy the politics dude. Nice pics.

well I'll be glad when its over so we don't have to hear the retarded campaigns anymore.

welcome back to the real world stunner.. consider yourself lucky.. I cant tell when last I took some time off work to relax.

The politrixions don't want peace or justice, only power, and there's power in dividing the people.

Great pics!

I'm a Chinese-American working in Kingston for the summer, and totally amazed by the ridiculousness of the politricks that go on here.

I think it would be better if maybe the parties just alternated every 10 years!