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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

History Created... Barack Wins!!!

On November 4, 2008 a historic moment was made, when Barack Hussein Obama II became the first Afro American, Black man if you may, to become the president of the United States of America! So much persons in the US, in Europe and in the Caribbean was hoping and keeping their finger crossed that Obama would carry home the victory. It's almost unheard of, a non-white being elected as the president of the United States of America!

The issue should be who is best suited for the job and not the colour of ones skin, but one cannot help but to feel proud that a black man has accomplished what most if not all of us felt was impossible... well until now. I wasn't cheering for Obama just because he is black, but because I do think he is better suited or the job based on my limited coverage of the whole campaigning.

I am not into politics, but I can't help feeling overwhelmed with emotions after witnessing such a great historic moments. Congratulations Barack Obama!!!

This is just the beginning though, there is a lot of work at hand for the new president. The American economy, the world economy, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the environment and international relations. What does his victory mean for us in the Caribbean? Will we benefit form Obama's victory? Will he truly make a good president? Will his policies make the world better? There are a lot more questions to be answered along with these and only time will tell.

Until then, let us bask in this moment and hope for the best! "Yes we can!" Barack Obama: 44Th president of the United States, fist black president of the United States, one of the (thanks for the correction Abeni) youngest presidents of the United States. History Indeed!

14 commented:

Awaiting history to repeat itself.Kennedy.

Oh so true! He better have some serious security!!!

Hopefully America has grown out of that dark, backward mentality of assassinating presidents they don't like and operate as a true democracy. Key word: hopefully!

Idren Stunner,

Prayers are indeed answered!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Wasn't Clinton and Kennedy younger? Nevertheless Power to Obama

@LADY ROOTS: They prayers of many has come true.

@Abeni: You are indeed correct! Thanks for the correction, I have amended that error.

Yep. The REAL excitement just start. Cause now we will see what the man is made of...

Everybody seems soo happy with all this jazz... I glad that everybody else so glad...

Now for the real work...

And no to even teh mere thought of assssination... no no NO!!

A monumental and phenomenal day in the political annals of the world!!President Barack Obama, it does sound GREAT!!ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID

Stunner: The are already closing off streets in his neighborhood and beginning to take his security hyper-seriously. There would be so much political unrest following such a n act that the country understands we can't afford the division and set-back.

The Secret Service is -- thank God -- very very good at what they do.

I will always remember where I was on Nov 4th 2008!


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