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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dutty Wata!

They say that water is life, but judging from the colour of the water coming from my tap lately, water might take my life! Ever since the passing of tropical storm Gustav, my tap water has never been the same. I doubt I have had the clear, clean water I had before the storm even for one day since the storm passed. The water has ranged from slightly cloudy to almost chocolate brown!

I understand that the water quality would have naturally decreased due to the heavy rains and loss of power at the various plants. But having dirty water in my pipe even up to a month after is simply ridiculous! Yes we have been having heavy afternoon showers basically every afternoon, but gosh these brief downpours can mess up the water so bad? I think NWC (National Water Commission AKA Nasty Wutliss Creatures) need to do better! There must be something they can do to improve our water supply, especially in a metropolitan area where it has so many customers in a concentrated area. As a result I have to resort to buying bottled water every week, testing the water to see it I can at least cook with it and looking at the colour of the water before I wash my clothes.

Seriously NWC unnuh need fi do better!!!

11 commented:

And they say water is our next big crisis!

You've got to get yourself a Brita filter!

@Brotha Buck: Lawd have mercy on us when that happen!

@justacoolcat: I have a Brita filter, but i don;t feel good drinking water of that colour even it if looks clear after passing through the filter.

They should do better, or at least offer an explanation as to why the water looks like that, if it is safe & what steps you can take to purify it. I suspect that you will not see a decrease/discount in your water bill charges either.

I trust you and everyone in your community have written or will write to them about it?

I agree Stunner. I wouldn't drink it even if I changed the water filter every day!

You too? Not sure what's happening.

Can't do without my bottled water. No sah!

Used to happen to us everytime a heavy shower came but thankfully that appears to be over

They had some announcement on the radio on Friday I think. Hope the situation will improve. I don't get water from NWC though ... lucky me I guess.

Wow! The water in portmore has been crystal clear like 3 days after Gustav. It even taste good, like Spring Water.

You sure they not having problems at a maine or something? Call and ask.

true Stunner i've been drinking bottled water since the storm and i used to be a dedicated tapwater woman...but it started tasting funny...kind of nasty...NWC Nasty Wutliss!

NWC Nasty Wutliss! water is cheapest utility

...LOL...and I bet'cha the MWC goin' sen' you a nive bill fi the dutty wata too!