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Thursday, April 10, 2008

As the Dough Rises

Once again Jamaica, as well as our Caribbean neighbours, brace for another increase in the price of flour and the imminent drastic increase in the prices of related baked products. This related increase in baked products will be most felt by consumers when the bakeries increase the price of bread next week, as bread seems to be the most consumed baked product. With these increases in the price of flour we may soon have to do without them. Hmm, no flour, no bread, no dumplings, no pastry, no cakes... damn that's going to be hard! I guess we will have to start looking to some form of alternative to bread. Yam, potato, plantains, sweet potato... but wait... these are all expensive! But where there is a hunger there is a way, so I guess we will soon have to echo the sentiments below...

7 commented:

cassava? arrowroot? aha! breadfruit!

no more cheap coco bread an patty

there is always rice!

hard times are upon us.

is like adrian never hear seh guyana soon stop ship out dem rice

y'all need to take up gardening

A 23% hike is outrageous. Hard times.

Eating less food makes you live longer ! ;-)

They forcing us to turn into vegetarians or vegans. That's silly.